Sunday, September 13, 2009


Rocca di Papa, just over the hill from Castel Gandolfo

Just a quick post today to ask for prayers this week for myself and my classmates. We'll be on retreat, silent at that, and thus cut off from outside communication. It should be a great chance to spend some time in prayer, do some spiritual reading, and just generally work on our relationships with God as we prepare to embark on a busy year. Your prayers for a successful retreat would be most appreciated and surely felt, if you remember. Thanks very much!

I haven't been to the retreat location before, but it's near Castel Gandolfo, the residence of the Holy Father's summer villa. I did some quick research online and found this interesting story about a strange gravitational phenomenon (or, more likely, some kind of optical or physical illusion) that occurs near Rocca di Papa. Kind of interesting -- I've never heard of something like it before. I doubt we'll get the opportunity to check it out, but I do hear our retreat house has a great view!

Friday, September 4, 2009

... Don't Know When I'll Be Back Again

Greetings, friends. Long time no speak. Sorry for that. The summer's been absolutely crazy, and I haven't done nearly the job I intended to in keeping this here blog updated. I promise a report on all of the summer happenings very soon.

For now, I'm headed back across the pond to start year II of this great adventure in Rome. I go back with lots of new insights and experiences, fond memories of visits with family and friends, and a deep appreciation to our Lord for the great blessing the summer as a whole has been. The ten weeks or so flew by, and while it didn't quite seem long enough, the fact that the calendar's now at September means it's time to get back to it. I'll be returning Stateside again next summer, but the title of this post is true insofar as I don't have that return journey booked yet. Thus, you get more John Denver lyrics.

Keep me in your prayers and keep reading! I'll have more soon.